It' s a Reaktor ensemble created to process percussion instruments. This software is used by the band EVHA to make their instrumentation more versatile and powerful in their live shows. 

Tukuna is the kichwa word for Transform or disguise. This ensemble has 2ch proccesing, including EQ-Comp-AudioToMidi-DrumSynth-Sampler-FX-Looper per channel. This device will make your percussion instruments sound much different ways

The Audio to midi section uses your instrument microphone as a trigger, so you can blend the mic signal with the built-in drumsynth or sampler.This device will make sound your percussion instruments much different ways.

(Ensemble designed by Alejandro Mendoza

from aborigen, a show design company)


$75 USD



Is an audiovisual project formed by five artists  (4 Musicians and a Visual Artist) that gather elements of traditional Ecuadorian music and mutates them with electronic sounds to create an innovative proposal with strong identity, that generates live an intense experience through the interaction between sound, synced lights and visuals reactive to music.

(EVHA's Lighting and Visuals by Martín Calderón from the show design company aborigen)


Sebastian Schmiedl, Renata Nieto, Mateo Kingman y Alejandro Mendoza


Slide Down If you want to know more about the band EVHA .




"Uiui" | Sesión en vivo en el Centro de Arte Contemporáneo QUITO

Videoclip de la canción "Caminar a donde sea"

Videoclip de la canción "Todo Su Cuerpo Brilla"

Videoclip de la canción "Culebra de Monte"