EVHA's five members came together in Ecuador's capital on a quest to find their own voice in the crowded world of music. By combining folkloric traditions with electronic production they were able to carve a distinct sound, while at the same time celebrating their country's rich cultural identity.
EVHA, the Ecuadorian five piece band, mix traditional Andean elements with innovative technological solutions to bring their unique sound to the stage. In this video, the band's sound designer, Alejandro Mendoza, walks us through one of the REAKTOR ensembles that he created to add dynamics and versatility to traditional percussion.
Ecuador: Home to volatile active volcanoes, and now also one of the most exciting music scenes on the planet. Following on from previous documentaries in Colombia, Peru and Portugal, Native Instruments sheds some light on the group of artists, producers and DJs in Ecuador who have been referred to as The New Folklorists.

(Ensemble designed by Alejandro Mendoza from aborigen, a show design company)

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